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Baby Found On Doorstep, Gets Adopted And Now Is Going To College

Woman Found Baby On Doorstep, Adopted Her, And Is Now Sending Her to College


Eighteen years ago, Janessa Gibbs was left by her birth mother on the doorstep of a doctor’s office in Corinth, Mississippi. However, the lucky young baby could not have dreamed that she would have a great life ahead of her after she was adopted by a night shift worker at a hospital next door.

This week Sara, the adoptive mother, and Janessa Gibbs shared how their 18 years together have been years of love, even though Sara was not prepared to become a mother when she found Janessa.

Sara remembers that fateful night when she was called into work at the hospital next door to the doctor’s office where Janessa would be found by first responders. She adds that she was single, working 12 hour night shifts and nothing in her life had prepared her to be the mother of a baby.

However, with the encouragement of her pastor, friends and co-workers, Sara eventually plucked up the courage to go through the adoption process and become the legal mother of Janessa, according to a local news report.

In a video interview, Janessa said that her adoptive mother has always told her that her real mother left her where she did because God had designed it to be so. Sara adds that she believes that it was divine intervention because she had been called into work that night and was not on her regular shift.

There certainly have been many memories of their eighteen years together, and the loving mother and daughter have a scrapbook full of pictures to prove it. Sara adds, tearfully, that she has never let a birthday of her daughter go by without remembering the child’s birth mother.

According to Janessa, her mother is the best mother anyone could have. She adds that she doesn’t think of her as her adoptive mother because she’s always been her mom.

Although there have been many challenges in their lives, Sara said that she decided when she saw the baby that she wanted to be the one to teach and mould her into the person she is today.

Janessa will soon go off to college this year, but she believes that the bond between she and her mother will only become stronger. She adds, “I’m her only child, so I have to watch out for her.”

Sara concluded the interview by stating that Janessa certainly is a momma’s girl.

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