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AWWW HECK NO!!! Where is my DARN PACKAGE!!! FedEx Under Fire

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This episode of Earhustle411’s “AWWW HECK NO!!!” was brought to us via Facebook Message by a woman who utilized the services of FedEx while she was at a conference on the East Coast a little over a month ago.  The woman whom I’ll just call “Ms. San Antonio” (name changed to protect her identity)   Ms. San Antonio had been at a conference in mid July, where she was having a fantastic time, mingling with people she knew and excited about meeting those she didn’t.

She found herself having made quite a few purchases from vendors at the conference.  Not wanting to carry her many purchases with her on her mode of travel going back home, she chose to ship them to her residence via FedExMs. San Antonio had never received her package.  After several long calls to FedEx, she was given the run around by the organization and as of the time of this post Ms. San Antonio still has not gotten any resolution.

Earhustle411 Readers, take a look at the communication Ms. San Antonio had with FedEx:

Disclaimer: All quoted text are NOT the views of Earhustle411 or their writing staff. 

Ms. San Antonio (via email to FedEx): “On July 26th my box was scanned as delivered but really wasn’t. I sent it from the Gaylord Resort on July 22nd of 2014. The box was tracked and it says that it was delivered on July 26th at 1:18pm. Here is the problem…at that exact time my husband was sitting in our driveway texting me. Based on our text messages he had been there five minutes prior to the scan time and an additional 5-10 minutes afterwards. He even walked to the mailbox and brought the trash can off of the curb. Basically the delivery truck driver lied. He remained home for an additional four hours. I came home twice within a fifteen minute time frame from she they said that the box was delivered. I also was in the neighborhood throughout the day running errands. We have never had anything stolen off of our porch. We both do a great deal of online shopping and their has never been a problem with delivery when we use USPS or UPS. I rarely use your company but I was at a convention and they insisted that we support your satellite office. Big mistake on my part because my box was stolen by the FEDEX driver. Since the incident I have had three other packages arrive that were shipped through UPS from additional online purchases (some items costing well over $200) and none of those boxes disappeared from my front porch as the person from customer service told me they had. 

Per Ms. San Antonio, she still has not received a refund or her items to date.  She has not gotten a call back or anything from her original complaint (info posted above).  She sent another complaint to Fed Ex and received a “general” response from Fed Ex stating they would look into the situation.

I can understand a package getting “lost” occasionally it does happen but in my doing some research on FedEx complaints and it would seem they are not living up to their tagline “The World on Time”Ms. San Antonio like many other customers have experienced less than stellar service and according to Ms. San Antonio, when she spoke with FedEx customer service she was advised someone would get back to her and in her words “that has yet to occur”.  She is very upset by the treatment she has received not to mention the rude customer service and accusation that her package was “stolen” by her neighbors.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, FedEx has  quite a few complaints filed and closed most were for delivery issues.

fed ex

Also on the BBB website as of August 15, 2014 there was a complaint related to the non delivery of a package that was never received, Check it out:

complaint complaint fed ex response

FedEx has more complaints on the BBB website and for an organization to have well over 1500 complaints just on delivery service alone should be cause for concern.  I guess FedEx is too busy trying to get their business in order.  I came across an article published August 11, 2014 on the Wall Street Journal website talking about FedEx and their drug conspiracy situation…click here. The organization is fighting the charges in that case and are therefore presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts.

Regardless of what the organization as a whole is going through, that has nothing to do with delivery and service concerns.  Whether delivering food, clothing or medicines FedEx has better get their act together if they plan on remaining competitive.  While some consumers are not always on the up and up, however the vast majority of consumers are and they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

I wish Ms. San Antonio all the best in getting this issue resolved and good luck to those who have not gotten a decent resolution to their complaints.

Source: Better Business Bureau, WSJ


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