Awe Snap!!! Mimi Faust Admits Sex Tape With Nikko Was Planned & Was Leaked On Purpose

Awe Snap!!! Mimi Faust Admits Sex Tape With Niko Was Planned & Was Leaked On Purpose

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Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame has finally admitted that her sex tape with then-boyfriend Nikko Smith was planned all along. As reported by Us Weekly, Mimi said that Nikko used his suave Brooklyn skills to convince her to make a sex tape in the first place because the 45-year-old Faust had never made a sex tape before in her life.

“The way he went about it was like, ‘Our lovemaking is like art.’ All that New York and Brooklyn bull****.”

Faust admitted that she connected on a sexual level with Smith in the first place — after her longtime relationship with “Stevie J” famously ended when he began seeing the nearly 40-year-old Joseline Hernandez, singer of the “Stingy With My Kitty-Kutty-Cooty Cat” song, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“I went along with it. Stupid decision? Yes. Dumb. Stupid. Wish I could take it back abso-f******-lutely.”

Nikko told Mimi that their lovemaking was so beautiful that it should be documented. Faust explained that Smith was always thinking of ways to make money. Mimi agreed that they could film their own sex scene and assumes Nikko took the sex tape footage directly to Vivid Entertainment. That’s when Mimi says she agreed to do the sex tape deal, but only after she signed on the dotted line with Vivid did they tell her that they needed more footage of Faust and Smith because sex tapes need to be a certain length. Mimi says she regrets making the sex tape and that it was a stupid decision, but she’s coming clean now after all the controversy has relatively died down.

“Vivid had a marketing plan and everything. After we signed, they said we need more footage. I didn’t know I had to do all that. But after I signed on the dotted line, I’m obligated.”

Mimi admitted that the whole storyline displayed on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta with the supposed stolen bag at the airport containing the sex tape was a ruse. Faust said that she and Nikko had to come up with a believable way for the sex tape getting leaked, but she later cleared up the rumors. Faust admitted that Nikko took their original sex tape to Vivid Entertainment, who claimed their amateur footage was cool, but that they need more sex tape footage.

No word yet on what VH1 thinks of Faust’s revelation, only episode recaps and other news.

Source:  inquisitr.com

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