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“Avalanche cuts off access to entire town in Alaska, Residents asked to Evacuate”


The only highway in the small city of Valdez, Alaska has been blocked by several avalanches, cutting off access. Listen to this from ‘Fox & Friends’:

‘4,000 people in the state of Alaska are being told at this hour ‘pack your bags.’ They may have to evacuate their homes because two avalanches have cut off their town to the outside world.’

HLN reports residents won’t have to worry about how to access food, at least, since help is on the way. ‘Authorities say that the road could be closed for at least a week, maybe longer. There’s enough gas and heating oil to last a while, but food and supplies are being brought in on barges.’

‘Good Morning America’  anchor Josh Elliott explains that the a delay in re-opening the only road into the city is partially due to some 30-feet of ice and snow.

Media reports say The Alaska Department of Transportation called the avalanches some of the biggest ever seen in the area. Anchorage Daily News reports the avalanches struck Richardson Highway on Friday.

The city has also asked the Alaska Marine Highway Service to increase ferry service.

So far, no injuries have been reported


Source: AOL.com



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