Author & Activist Sista Souljah Says Hillary Clinton Is The Slave Masters Wife That Talks Down To Black People

Author & Activist Sista Souljah Says Hillary Clinton Is The Slave Masters Wife That Talks Down To Black People

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‘It all goes back to the plantation,’ says the prolific writer

It’s pretty safe to say that Hillary Clinton will not be getting Sister Souljah‘s vote in 2016.

The prolific writer and activist had choice words for the Democratic presidential candidate and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, during an interview with the Breakfast Club.

When asked if she planned to cast her presidential ballot in favor of Hillary, Souljah did not mince words.

“It all goes back to the plantation…you got the white master and his wife,” she said emphatically.

“They talk down to Black people, which doesn’t mean they haven’t done any good for Black people. But there were some kind slave masters also–they’re still slave masters, and they still see you as slaves.”

Sister Souljah went on to criticize the former Secretary of State, accusing her of exposing her presumably covert racism in how she’s communicated with President Barack Obama.

“Hillary Clinton worked for Obama and even talked down to Obama, the commander in chief, while she was under his command,” she said.

“A slave master would have no problem with the slaves because they’re doing what they’re told. But for somebody like President Obama and his wife, both graduates of Harvard, you can’t talk down to them, so if you do…you’re telling on yourself.

“That tells me something about you that rubs me the wrong way.”

It’s no secret that Sister Souljah, author of “The Coldest Winter Ever,” was not and will probably never be Bill Clinton’s biggest fan. In 1992, Clinton slammed comments allegedly made by Souljah in an attempt to create political distance from Jesse Jackson, who had invited the writer to speak at the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Clinton compared Souljah to a member of the KKK, insinuating that she was exhibiting reverse racism in which she was quoted as promoting the murders of white people.

Both Jackson and Souljah have said that she was gravely misquoted.

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