Atlanta Rapper The Last Mr. Bigg Found Dead At His Sister’s Home


The Last Mr. Bigg, a highly influential rapper out of Mobile, Alabama, was found dead in his sister’s home. The hip-hop community is mourning over the passing of the local legend, which was confirmed by a close friend. The source said that the rapper passed away in his sleep either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, April 28.

The rapper, whose real name is Donald Maurice Pears, was considered to be one of the most influential rappers to come out of Mobile. He was a local legend who never achieved much mainstream success, as he flooded rap’s independent scene ever since the 1990s.

The Last Mr. Bigg ended up releasing a total of two albums with the Warlock Records group. He was also featured on Three 6 Mafia’s hit single, “Poppin My Collar.” In addition to music, The Last Mr. Bigg was featured in a 2010 documentary that explained the relationship between the rap community and gun violence. In the film, which was titled “Number One With a Bullet,” The Last Mr. Bigg described an incident in which he was shot twice in the head. The incident led to The Last Mr. Bigg sporting a prosthetic eye with diamonds in it. It gave him a second rap alias, Diamond Eye.

After he was shot in the head, The Last Mr. Bigg was sure he was going to die. Even though he begged the paramedics not to cut his red jacket off and ruin it, he was sure this was it. However, after an eight-day coma, The Last Mr. Bigg realized how close to death he had really been. He was left without a right eye, without a part of his brain, and almost his life.

Fellow rapper from Alabama, Rod Maine, said that “he was known all over the Southern region.” He added, “He was a big influence. He was one of the originators of the local scene.”
The news flooded throughout Twitter, which is where the funeral service was announced. It will be taking place at the Sunlight District Auditorium in Prichard, Alabama on May 9 at 2 p.m., according to The Boom Box.

Also on Twitter, many famed rappers expressed their condolences for The Last Mr. Bigg’s death.
Juicy J, former Three 6 Mafia member, tweeted “R.I.P To The Last Mr. Bigg.”
Action Bronson, a fellow famed independent rapper, tweeted “R.I.P TO THE LAST MR. BIGG!!! D*MN.”


Source: Reason 4 Rhymes

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