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Atlanta Judge Gives Mom The “Business” In Court For Allowing Boyfriend To Molest Her Kids

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Atlanta Judge Schwall

I came across this video on YouTube and was completely shocked.  I have never heard of a sitting judge delivering sentencing to a child molester and then in the next breath blame the mother of the children for the abuse.  I watched this video at least 5 times and came up with the same conclusion; the judge has a point.


convicted child molester

Man given life sentence for child abuse

As a mother of 3 children, I can only speak for myself and why I raised them the way I did and never did I put them in a position where their lives were even remotely in jeopardy.  Had a man I was involved with EVER put his hands on my children, we both would be standing in front of the judge; me for assault because I would beat the brakes off of him and him for putting his hands on my babies. 

At any rate, the judge made some very valid points he told the mother:

“This man moves in with you in January of 2005 and in April of 2005, he viciously and sexually violates you, what do you do; you don’t prosecute.  You forgive him, you forget about it and you let in move in with you.  That’s despicable and you are an atrocious mother.  You need to really search your soul because you are disgusting!!”



I am in no position to judge anyone and being a woman I know and understand the need for companionship…I get that.  What boggles my mind is when a woman allows a man to do whatever he shall want to her and then moves on to her children (which happens more often than not) why does the “lightbulb” not go off in her head.

There are too many of our children that are harmed by the “significant”others of women and it is preventable.  According to Firststar.org the statistics on child abuse are ridiculous not to mention the cost to care for abused children is enough to help bring the Nation Debt tremendously:

• There were an estimated 1,640 child fatality victims in 2012 due to maltreatment in the U.S.xii, an average of 31 children per week.
• 77% of child fatalities were under four years old, and 42.4% were less than one year old. xiv
• 37% of states restrict information on child deaths and near deaths.

Annual estimated direct cost of medical care for child victims of abuse and neglect in the U.S.: $33,333,619,510
• Annual estimated direct AND indirect cost of child abuse and neglect in the U.S.: $80,260,411,087

• Children age two and under are most likely to be victims of abuse and neglect. 
• More than 13% of victims had a reported disability. 

All I can say is that we as women and mothers really need to get back to the business of putting the children first.  Men come a dime a dozen and you can have your pick at anytime….trust they will be there.  Even though this video is from 2007 it is still very relevent because our children are still being abused and dying at the hands of someone else.

I hope this post inspires a mother who feel like they have no choices to know…YES YOU DO!! It’s up to YOU to make & take them!! 

Source: YouTube, Freestar.org



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