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At 105 Years Old, Prattville Man Says The Key To Longevity Is Staying Out Of Folks Business

Chuck Houser, Secret to long life is staying out of folks business

Chuck Houser was born in 1909, which to put into perspective was one year after the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series and three years before the Titanic sank. Houser was in the service during WWII and then worked for the railroad until he retired over 40-years-ago. Houser states that watching baseball is his favorite thing to do because his father played baseball.

When asked what the secret is to living to be 105, Houser said, “Stay out of other folks business, and do whatever the boss man tells me to do. If the boss man didn’t tell me to do it, I wouldn’t do it.”

To see what life was like when Mr. Houser was born, here are a few facts about 1909 according to aaca.org:

-William Howard Taft was President of the United States.

-The American death toll in horse-related accidents outnumbered motor vehicle accidents by more than 3,000.

-President Taft announces that a naval base will be built in Pearl Harbor to protect the U.S. from a Japanese attack.

-The average income per year was $944.

-The average cost of a new car was a total of $1,280.

-The cost of gas was $.06 per gallon.

-The electric toaster was invented, as was Lipton’s tea and the Lincoln penny.

One of Mr Houser’s birthday presents was 105 gallons of propane from AllGas of Montgomery.


Source:  KPHO.Com



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