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Ask Marlee: I Love My Girl But Her Mother Has It Going On

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Hey Marlee,

I have a serious conundrum and I need your help like really bad. My girlfriend is 26 and I’m 30; we been dating for exactly one year. I was in love with my girlfriend until I laid eyes on her mother who had her when she was 14. Her mom is 40 and she’s only 10 years older than me. The conversations I have with her mom are intense, mature and exciting. My girl is beautiful but she acts kind of immature and silly. She’s smart, sexy and very loving that’s why I feel so bad about what I did. To make a long story short, I hooked up with her mom and now I don’t want to be with my girl anymore. Her mom really knows how to make me feel like a man. She’s sexier and more beautiful than her daughter; she cooks, cleans her house, has a great job, is in stellar shape and can keep a great conversation. I am in love with my girlfriend’s mother and can’t get her out of my mind; I can’t get enough of her. My girl can notice the distance and the lack of communication between us. Her mom feels really bad about it but we still have sex. I know you may say how does she feels bad if we continue to be intimate but you can’t help who you love. This whole situation will kill her if she knows I am cheating on her with her mom. Should we come clean or should I just break up with her. HELP!!!!!!!!

Ask Marlee Response:

You are treading in dangerous territories. You are setting yourself up for serious disaster. First and foremost, without being judgmental, you are wrong for engaging in a sexual relationship with your girlfriend’s mother. Nothing good will come out of this. You will destroy your friendship and relationship with your girlfriend and you would have ruined your girlfriend’s relationship with her mother not to mention the disrespect you have shown yourself and your girlfriend. How would you feel if your girlfriend started sleeping with your father behind your back? Think about it and then make your decision. You need to break off the relationship with both of them a.s.a.p if you really love either one of them as you say you do. Good luck!!!!

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