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Artist Alisa Sharp Talks To EarHustle411 About Her Music And Giving Back To The Community


alisha sharp

Photo Courtesy Of: Linda Kasian Photography

Alisa Sharp is an artist that has a background that crosses many countries. This diva’s sound is unique, honest, fun and inviting. Alisa’s videos are high quality which gives a great visual to her music.

Sharp is more than universal when it comes to her singing and writing abilities, this talented German born beauty not only lived in three different continents  but she also speaks three different languages which gives her a unique advantage over most.  She has performed Rock Music in Israel but found her love for Pop music overall most satisfying.  Alisa talks to EarHustle411 about her music, influences and giving back to the community.  Check out what she had to say.

Alisa Sharp

Can you share with our reader where you are from and how has it influences your music?

I was born in Germany to Russian parents, spent my childhood in Ukraine, moved to Israel when I was 10 and at the age of 21 moved to LA. The fact that I’ve lived in 3 continents has definitely influenced my music. My writing is very versatile and I can relate to many genres, especially the sub genres of pop music. I guess the fact that I speak 3 languages has also influenced my work. I’m intrigued by the difference of each language structure. Lyrics are important to me and I’m always looking for unique ways of putting words together. English language is great in that way because there’s a lot of space to get creative but still make sense with what you want to say.

Some are born with the natural abilities and even though they are natural we must still train to perfect it.  What type of professional training have you received to maintain your voice?

The gift of singing is exactly what it is – a gift. You either got it or you don’t. But just like any other muscle – the more you train it, the better it gets. In Israel, I took vocal training lessons and when I moved here, I started working as an event singer and that I can say is a pretty good training method lol. Performing almost every weekend, gives me the ability to stretch my performance skills and get to know myself as a performer – what works, what doesn’t and what can get better. As far as writing – the more you write – the better. I try to write as much as possible even if sometimes the songs that come out are not the perfect match for me. Hopefully I’ll get to write for other artists too.

alisha sharp
Photo Courtesy Of: Manuel Palacios photography

Music is all around us and it can influence us in many ways, who was your music influences and why?

I think my music influencers come as people I’ve met and places I’ve been to.. if I have to pin out one musical genre as a major influence, that would be rock music. I remember growing up in my grandparents’ house listening to a lot of Russian music, but when my dad visited, he’d bring Def Leppard , Scorpions and Pink Floyd cassettes with him. In Israel I watched MTV around the clock and was intrigued by bands like Placebo, Muse, Skunk Anansie, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters… but there was also a lot of Backstreet Boys. Guilty as charged. 😉 I’ve been always drawn to singers with big voices or those with a unique tone of voice. Later my friends introduced me to some good Israeli music and when I was 16 I joined a rock band of older Russian guys. We performed with original material in English across Israel. Music was always a part of my life.

alisha sharp
Photo Courtesy Of: Red Aries Photography

We can be inspired by anyone, who are the person or people that inspired you to become a singer?

I believe it was my biological mother. Even though I barely spent time with her and got to see her rarely, only when she’d come visit, I think the fact that she is a piano teacher, vocal coach and a singer herself left a huge impact on me. We are not in touch, I barely spent any time with her, and when I moved to Israel with my dad and my grandparents, we stopped being in touch up until 2 years ago when she found me on facebook and we had a brief conversation. Still, it’s amazing how some things pass on from a parent to their child. It’s sort of in my blood. Always was.

The music industry is full of indie artists, producers, musicians and more. What are some of the things that you are doing differently to stand out amongst other artist?

I do everything I can to make my art – MY art. Putting the long hours, sweat, blood, my heart and the little money I have in writing and recording the songs. I’m extremely involved in every little detail of making my music, especially the production process. I might not be the official producer of my songs, but believe me when I say that I spend the almost the same time in the studio as the talented producers that work with me and every little sound you hear in my songs is there because I wanted to have it there. Same goes for my videos. I think long and hard about each concept so that the visuals fit the idea and the vibe of each song. It might sound a bit pretentious to say something like “there’s only one Alisa Sharp” in the world, but it’s kind of what it is – all I can do is be the best possible version of myself.

You’re video “ HEYA HANDS UP ” is a fun and catchy song and we loved the video, Can you tell us the inspiration behind the video and the song? 

Thank you so much! Well, my early fans know my fascination with the darker side of pop music. I’m naturally drawn to write songs like “Innocence” and “Happy” that have somewhat a mysterious flavor to them, so I wanted to show another side of me: the fun – outgoing – just -wanna – have – fun side or as Brazil, the director of this video, would say – “The Ambassador of Fun”.  The song just sort of happened. Usually I write a song (the lyrics and the melody) and then come to the studio so my producer and I start building the production around it. In this case, it was the opposite. Gemini (‘Gemini Musiq’ the producer of “Heya”) and I were messing around with a beat and different samples. I started brainstorming for a hook line for a few min. till I got the “heya na na na na heya”, so we laid it down and then built the structure for the song. Then came the lyrics with the main melody and the whole creative process took us less then an hour.

We shot the video at the beautiful city of Malibu. I wanted to pass on that free spirit vibe so that anyone watching the video, at any time and place, could take a short vacation, a break from life…  The video is directed by an up and coming director in the game Helton ‘Brazil’ Sequeira, creatively directed by the talented Brittany Bloch (who also choreographed and danced in the “Happy” video) and choreographed by dancehall funk master – Lorenzo ‘ZaggaZo’ Hana. I had a blast. There were so many talented people that came out and made it great.

If you woke up tomorrow and you were told this is it for you, you can no longer use your voice; how would you use your voice at that last defining moment to make a change in the world?

Hard question! I’d probably record my final song and try to make it one that counts for the people J

alisha sharp
Photo Courtesy Of: Manuel Palacios photography

A journey can lead down many paths, how would you explain your musical journey so far?

So far it has been amazing and difficult all together. For me, the need to become a successful artist is beyond the need for recognition and fortune. Yes, I want to make a name for myself but I also want to touch as many hearts as I can with my music. A lot of times I’m in conflict with the way some people conduct themselves in this industry, they test my intentions and try to pull me in different directions, but I’d rather have my journey long and meaningful than a short shallow jump to the top. This world is filled with false prophets and you have to choose carefully who you listen to. At least I hope I’ve made some good choices thus far.         

 In my short time, I have been blessed to work with some amazing talents and while a lot of people did not meet my lowest expectations – some were just little miracles. My lovely fan base – the #SharpieNation is growing everyday and people respond and like what I do. I’m very thankful for the love I get from my fans and the artists that believe in me enough to get on board of my projects. I couldn’t do it without any of them.

When a person is blessed with a gift such as yours, some people will give back to the community. What are some of the things that you have done to give back to those in need?

I frequently perform at different charity events, contributing my skills to raise a smile on the faces of those in need. In the past few years I’ve sang at an annual gathering of a private organization for kids with cancer and it was truly fulfilling to make these kids happy even if just for a few hours. I’m always willing to donate my voice for a good cause, and if I don’t have a previous obligation I gladly perform wherever I’m needed. In addition to that, half of the proceeds of 3 of my songs on my Reverb Nation profile go to the “Half The Sky Movement” – an organization turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide.

We are brought into this world to grow and leave our legacy for others.  What is the biggest impact in your life that you want to be remembered for?

I want to leave this world knowing my music touched and helped someone. The other day I got a tweet from a fan saying how my music is helping her through her bipolar illness. Reading those words made me feel like I’m really doing something meaningful with my life. I hope my music puts a smile on many more before I’ll have to close the shop.

Who would be your dream team (dead or alive) to make an album with and why?

I love a lot of artists but if I have to choose just a few I admire and want to work with those would be Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl. I’ve been a fan of Pharrell since before the first N.E.R.D. album, ever since I got to know his work as part of The Neptunes. I love everything he’s ever touched, from Britney to Justin Timberlake, Snoop and Gwen Stefani. I love the way he combines modern way of producing with an old school funk approach. He’s extremely talented and I feel like he’s got integrity and real love for music and not only the business side of it. It’s been a huge dream of mine for a very long time to work with him and I hope one day it’ll come true. Hey, A girl can dream!! J

As for Dave Grohl, I mean, is there anyone cooler than this guy?! He’s probably one of the best rock songwriters, vocalists and performers of our time. If I ever get to meet him I honestly don’t know what I’ll say. It would be amazing to work on a rock album at some point of my life and I can only dream of crossing musical paths with him. I hope my tooth fairy is on top of her sh*t. J

alisha sharp
Photo Courtesy Of: Red Aries photography

When can we expect you to drop some new material and where can your fans find you to connect?

I’m constantly working on new material and the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the mailing list on my official website www.alisasharp.com where you can also contact me directly and send fan mail. Another busy #SharpieNation hub is twitter

Facebook |Instagram| ReverbNation|Sound Cloud| YouTube| Twitter

For booking/professional inquiries  – thesharpienation@gmail.com

New music is coming soon, so make sure you subscribe to stay informed!


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