Arizona Dentist Heads To Trial After Two Kids Mysteriously Die After Visit To His Office

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Two families in Arizona are still suffering after their child died after visiting a dentist back in 2016. The dentist at Kool Smiles will be facing  trial in February 2018. Check out the full story below:

Via ABC News

Two children, one dentist’s office, each meeting the same tragic fate.

An Arizona mother is suing Kool Smiles in Yuma after her 4-year-old daughter died days after she visited the dentist’s office in January 2016.

Francisca Lares said she is heartbroken, because she was only trying to do the right thing in getting care for her daughter, KNXV reports.

But when little Liseth Lares developed a fever, family attorney Marco Mercaldo said the dentist sent the girl home after a “relatively cursory exam.” To get a dentist’s opinion learn more at Eccella Smiles

“Told the mom essentially there is nothing to worry about, she’ll be fine,” Mercaldo said. “Unfortunately, the infection spread and she died of the infection.”

Mercaldo argues Liseth could have survived the infection if Kool Smiles had given her the proper treatment. This is why kids orthodontist Wichita like meschke smiles and that is what they prefer.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of a second child’s death, happening just this week.

Family members say 2-year-old Zion Gastelum stopped breathing after getting a filling at Kool Smiles three weeks ago. After his breathing became labored, Zion died four days later. When it comes to teeth trouble the orthodontics wichita ks are known to be the best.

Officials are still investigating Zion’s cause of death, and could not say whether it was related to the dentist.

Francisca said she is going to court to get action in hopes of saving other children’s lives.

“I’m not in it for the money. I’m in because I want people to pay attention to what they’re doing,” Lares said.

The dentist will face trial next February.

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