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Arizona Bus Driver Lock Doors And Speed Off With Students Leaving Parents Panicking Because He Want To Teach The Kids A Lesson

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Photo Credit: Fox 10

A bus driver has resigned after video footage emerged of children screaming and their parents banging on the doors of his vehicle when he refused to let them off and drove away from their stop with the youngsters locked inside.

Parents were forced to call emergency services to stop the bus after the children were barred from leaving and driven back to Dysart Elementary School  in Arizona by the driver who had become angered by their unruly behavior.

Despite trying to prise open the doors and banging on the windows, the parents were unable to get to their children who can be heard crying and screaming in fear as the bus pulls away again, and were forced to call 911 for help.

In the Fox 10 clip the bus driver is heard saying: ‘I’m not letting anybody off until you listen to what I have to say.’

Children are heard crying, with one saying ‘I want my daddy’ and others screaming ‘Help us!’

The incident took place last Tuesday as the bus driver drove the children from their school through West Valley.

But he became angry at their bad behavior, and stopped with the doors locked. He refused to open them, despite the warm conditions inside the bus.

He is heard shouting at the children during the video and said: “See, your parents are getting upset.’

He told them their parents would not be upset him, but the children themselves.

As parents tried to reason with the driver and began knocking on the bus, he replied: ‘You break that door; you’re going to be buying a new one! Your kid will get off the bus when I am done with ’em.’

The driver then instructed horrified parents to step away from the bus, when he fled with the children.

El Mirage Police met the bus at the school and the children were finally let off.

Some parents said their offspring have been left too frightened to ride the bus to school again.

He told officers that he had felt threatened by the parents and was placed on administrative leave.

But he has since decided to resign.

Source: Daily Mail

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