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Are Your Black Dollars Worthy To Be Spent In Non-Black Businesses? Check Out The Latest Controversy

It’s a shame that a nice outing has to turn into an ugly experience because of a person’s obvious hangup with race.  As paying consumers there are some things that just cannot and will not be tolerated.  In this post, 4 black women are dining out in New Orleans at Huck Finn’s Restaurant only to have an ugly and unnecessary experience.

huck finn

We we go out to eat, we all know that when our food is not the way we want it, it is our right to send it back and have it prepared the way we like it.  Well That’s exactly what occurred in this situation.  The catfish meal was not to their liking and it was returned but the ladies got something much worse as a result of their disdain for the meal.They received a credit for the meal but also was called a “n***r” on the receipt where the charge for the food item was applied. EarHustle411 does not condone this behavior and honestly we don’t realistically know of anyone else who would either.

While EarHustle411 would be remiss if we didn’t mention that some people [regardless of race]  are just NEVER satisfied, it’s the truth.  Some people [regardless of race] don’t want to have to pay for anything.  Those types of people we are not referring to, however the majority of Blacks as a whole are upstanding people and pay for the things they want.


Unfortunately cases of racism like the aforementioned happen on a regular basis.  White-Owned companies are benefiting from the Black dollars spent in their establishment and then they the company or an employee has the unmitigated gall to publicly showcase their disdain and painfully obvious racist view of black people, it’s not right nor will it continue to be tolerated.

Now don’t get it twisted, EarHustle411 and the writing staff are not saying that all White-Owned companies are exhibiting this uncalled for practice, however we are say that as the days go by more incidents like this are becoming public.

black buying power Let’s just say that it’s no secret that Black spend a great deal of money even in the somewhat unstable economic times we live in. The thought process Blacks have to determine and be adamant about going forward is very simple.  Will you continue to spend your “black” dollars with “white or otherwise” organizations that treat you less than what you deserve?

Something to truly think about!!


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