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Are The Chemicals In Our Food Altering Young People’s Genders?

Are The Chemicals In Food Altering Our Young People's Genders?

An African American Scientist claims the same Chemicals found in our food and drinking supplies are altering the gender of amphibians so what are the chemicals in our food and drinking water doing to our young people?

He claims 50% of the U.S Agriculture comes out of Salinas California which uses the highest content of pesticides, 85% of the population’s lettuce comes out of Salinas and 90% of the Almonds.

He refers to this as the salad bowl of America he then says the second biggest state that uses these chemicals on the fruits and Vegetables is Florida.  Things like clorpactin are being used on strawberries which is a nerve gas, Meth bromide is a fumigate which is also being pumped into the soil.  He says the overflow will all end up in the rivers.

The Scientist says generally at these sites the amphibians have compromised immune systems and are not able to fight off disease.  He proclaims they have a whole family of animals where they eliminated the female chromosomes; the animals that they know are genetically male species have been exposed to androzene their entire lives and many of them are turning into females.


Check out the video below.

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