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Are Any Of These 35 Celebrities Who Are Alleged To Be Huge Donald Trump Supporters One Of Your Favorites?

Sometimes one has to truly scratch their heads as to why a person of would consider supporting a person with the mentality like Donald Trump has clearly shown the American people, especially considering his very public views about women, people of color, immigrants and his just generally being nonchalant about how his supporters are behaving at his rallies.

Of course, people have the right to lend their support to whomever they so chose but that doesn’t stop the rest of the general population from wondering why anyone with any type of influence to have their name associated with such a person who spews hate and nonsense.  EarHustle411 came across a website that listed 35 Celebrities in various roles from, actors and actresses, musicians, wrestlers, politicians, sports analysts, etc…that are alleged to be huge Donald Trump supporters.

If they are, then it is certainly their right however, we are sure that this list of people have a fan and a follower or two who just may not want to continue to be a fan or follower which by all means they have every right…right?

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Now what people decide to do with this information is purely on them.

Source: Buzzamin

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