Social Media has become the tool of terror lately, it is not used for its original intent. It has been made to be a vessel for spewing hate, bullying, fighting, airing dirty laundry and a consortium of other things. I am not going to place the blame on the creators of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other popular media but I will place blame on those who have not learned the art of self-control. All personal training begins at home and unfortunately all homes are not raised the same and that’s fine however children who feel like they are “entitled” have an obscure sense of reality. This could be the reason why they feel like they can say and do whatever they want and don’t think that there will be any consequences.

Furthermore, when did it become acceptable to fight over another individual? Unfortunately women have been fighting over men for far too long and it is the most irresponsible act a woman can subject herself to.  Men seen to think it’s fine to have two women engaging in barbaric behavior for their “love interest”.    A man who is one worthy of the heart and affection of a woman is not one who will “gawk” at the fact of unladylike and barbaric actions.  So the question of the hour is where is the love and how do we get it back?  It would be interesting to see how situations like what we have been experiencing lately could have been prevented.