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Angry Pastor Talks About Pimps In The Church & How Pastors Are Pimping The Congregation [ Video]

Angry Pastor Talks About Pimps In The Church & Pastors Pimping The Congregation [ Video]

Ear Hustle 411 came across a video where a Pastor slams other pastors for pimping the congregation.  He said there is a church on almost every corner in the African-American communities and there is no need for the black community to be suffering with the amount of money that the church collects every week.

He also expressed his dis-satisfaction with the congregation members for allowing themselves to be pimped and not reading the bible for themselves.

The pastor then goes on about economic empowerment stating that the church needs to help the community purchase homes, start business and get educated. “We don’t own anything,”  He says I don’t wait for my members to come to me, I go to them and ask them what do they need.”


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