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Angry Customer Bites Wendy’s Employee For “Wrong Order”

We’ve seen the videos of customers fighting in restaurants or in the parking lot over stupid nonsense but this one might just take the cake. Apparently a woman at a Wendy’s in Richmond, Virginia bit an employee for having given her a “wrong order”.

Reports from local authorities stated that 28-year-old Lovely Robinson was charged with malicious wounding after biting the left ankle of the manager, Latanya Nelson.

The incident happened last week after Lovely Robinson ordered food thru the drive-thru. Since her order was not finished, she was asked politely to move her car forward and wait for her order to be completed.

After an employee came out and delivered the order to Robinson, apparently she got out of her car and followed the employee back into Wendy’s which is where she demanded that her wrong order be corrected.

After manager Latanya Nelson stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation, she fell victim to Robinson biting her on her left ankle.

Photo Credit: Henrico County Sheriff's Department

Photo Credit: Henrico County Sheriff’s Department

According to Latanya, Robinson was no doubt the angriest customer she had ever seen. She was cursing and claimed she would jump over the counter which afterwards she did as Latanya attempted to defend herself.

Police arrived at the scene immediately, arrested Robinson and charged her with intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest and trespassing.

Latanya Nelson did not let the incident deter her from her duties as she returned to work the very next day.

Although her name is Lovely she certainly disproved that with her menacing act last week.

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