Angry Baby Momma Calls Police On Child’s Father Because He Won’t Let Her Pick Them Up Early During His Visitation Time [Video]

Angry Baby Momma Calls Police On Child's Father Because He Won't Let Her Pick Them Up Early During His Visitation Time [Video]

An angry woman, furious that her child’s father has moved on and is happy decided she wanted to make his day a miserable one.  What she didn’t know was that he was very much prepared for her and her shenanigans.

The woman shows up to her ex- boyfriend’s home with a police officer to retrieve her child. However, the ex-boyfriend had court documents proving that he had the right to have visitation, he was legitimized and she was ordered by the courts on a specific time on when she was able to pick up her child. 

She not only trespassed on this young man’s property but she is trying to convince the cop that in so many ways that he kidnapped the child and will not release the child to her.

After showing court documents to the cop, the cop tells her there is nothing he can do and that the father has a right to a peaceful visitation with his kids.

This bitter mother continues on a tirade and the way this young man handled himself was magnificent.

Check out the video below:

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