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An Ohio Town Is Considering Letting Drug Users Who Overdose Die After 3 Strikes To Save The City Money

Ohio Town Considering Letting Drug Users Who Overdose Die After 3 Stikes To Save The City Money

You have to ask yourself if a person has cancer, lupus, diabetes or some health problem which needs care, would you let them die?  Most would answer no. However, a town in Ohio seems to think people who are addicted to drugs deserve to die after 3 attempts to save them because they are costing the town too much money.

See what the Butler Dispatch reported:

Middletown, Ohio officials are tired of overdoses in their town, and they have a way to stop this from continuing. But city officials are concerned this “proposal” may hurt them in the end. The proposal is a 3-strike policy. On the 3rd 911 call of a known “overdoser”, the 911 dispatcher will simply hang-up.

WLWT-TV and WKYC-TV stations in Ohio has released new information as to the 3-strike policy. Middletown, OH has spent $11,000 on Narcan in 2016. In 2017, they have spent over $30,000 and are projected to spend another $45,000 unless they do something to resolve their addiction problem.

Last year Middletown has 74 overdose-deaths. In 2017, they have had 51 overdose deaths and it is still rising weekly. The proposal begins with giving the person 3-chances.

The first revival is “free”, per say. The 2nd revival results in the person doing community service to pay off their “debt” for the Narcan used to revive them. The 3rd-strike results in the dispatcher hanging up on you.

The way a dispatcher would know whether to hang-up on you is a database will be created. This database will result in the names, addresses, and phone numbers of known users. If a dispatcher receives a call, and they see you have not completed your community service or you are constantly a “frequent flyer”, the dispatcher will disconnect the line and not dispatch an ambulance.

The city claims this is not a way to solve the overdose issue, but to save the city money.

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