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An Elementary School Surprises Their Custodian With Help From The Kleenex Brand

The job of a Custodian may not be the most glamorous job but for people in the position take the job seriously. The custodian especially in educational settings particularly elementary schools, they get to know the children and sometimes  the kids like the custodian because they interact with them in a different way than they do with their teacher.  The Kleenex brand tissue and a school in Nashville, TN conspired together to show the elementary school custodian just how much he is appreciated.

mr patton

Mr. Patton, the school’s custodian thought he was being called to the school gym to clean up a major spill but once he arrived at the gym, he received celebrity treatment.  Mr. Patton was so overwhelmed that he was moved to tears.

Take a look:

EarHustle411 and the writing staff sends KUDOS to the staff and children for recognizing Mr. Patton for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

Source: Kleenex.com

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