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An Anchor From The Blaze Has Some Harsh Words For Beyonce And Her “Statement” She Made Via Her Super Bowl Performance

EarHustle411 came across this video on Facebook via The Young Turks Fan Page.  It’s of an anchor for The Blaze going in on Beyonce about her performance and the reasoning behind it.  She is quite seemingly upset in her final thoughts.  The Young Turks share their thoughts on the anchor’s rant.  It’s unfortunate that people can’t seem to grasp that people have a right to show their discontent for the perils that plague Americans.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot Young Turks Video

Take a look:

Beyonce being an African-American woman who has a platform readily available to her that she can use as her leisure to convey her discontent of her how race is treated.  When a white person speaks or acts out their discontent of how their race is treated, it seems as if it’s given the “go ahead” and thumbs up but when a black person does the same thing, then the message is “anti” this and that.  Are we all looking at the same America?  Blacks are being bulldozed out of society in various ways like police brutality, gentrification, lack of equal education.  Nothing is being done to the uniformed culprits that are taking the lives of blacks, cases are taking forever to be investigated and resolved and the elected officials constantly showing their colors, just look at what’s going on in Flint, Michigan.  It’s a town primarily inhabited by blacks and what better way to “rid” an area you want “cleaned out”…well that’s an entirely different post.

Everyone has a right to express how they feel about the state of their people this includes Beyonce.  Like, love or hate her she’s got people talking, at least she didn’t take over a federal facility.  So for those who are hell-bent on bashing Beyonce and anyone else for their stance about the treatment of blacks maybe you should “get over it”

The world does not revolve around just one race, creed, color or class of people, it never has and it never will!!

Source: Young Turks Facebook Fan Page

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