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Alabama Mayor Loses Re-election & She Then Posts, “I Lost, The N*gger Won On Her Facebook Page

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Some people will truly show their true colors when faced with adversity or defeat. This is what happened when the Mayor of Midland City, Alabama Patsy Capshaw Skipper loses the election to a more likable black candidate.  Instead of taking defeat and congratulating her opponent, she goes to social media with her racist rant and exposes herself for the true bigot and poor sport she really is.

See what was reported by Colossil

After losing to a black candidate in a municipal election, an outgoing Republican mayor in Alabama described her opponent using a racial slur on Facebook.

Patsy Capshaw Skipper, the former mayor of Midland City, Alabama (pop. 2,366), outed herself as a bigot after losing to Jo Ann Bennett Grimsley in a 233-148 margin. Skipper used the racial epithet in a response to someone’s question on her Facebook page. In a screenshot obtained by The Raw Story, Skipper is seen responding to a constituent by saying, “I lost. The nigger won.” The constituent responded by saying, “I’m so sorry.”

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Skipper has only held the mayoral office for six months, having inherited the position from her husband, Virgil Skipper, after he retired for health reasons. Officials in Dale County, Alabama voted 3-1 for Patsy Skipper to serve as interim mayor until the election. This week’s election was the first time she campaigned for the popular vote.

Jo Ann Bennett Grimsley, who is now the mayor-elect of Midland City, has decades of experience in public service. She has served as Midland City’s assistant city clerk, as well as the town’s water clerk and county court clerk.


Source:  Colossill


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