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Alabama High School Student Calms Graduation With Prayer During Medical Emergency

christian crawford

Last week during a high school graduation ceremony in Alabama, an audience member suffered a medical emergency that left many worried and frightened.

To calm the crowd, a school librarian turned to Christian Crawford.

Crawford, a graduating senior Clay-Chalkville High School, didn’t flinch. He stepped forward to the microphone to deliver a prayer that left many in tears and brought peace to an otherwise panicked situation, according to The Trussville Tribune.

“It only takes one person,” said Crawford, a member of New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham. “One person stands up and says ‘okay, I’m going to stand for the word of God, regardless of what people say.’ It’s important that we stand on the word of God.”

The prayer, which has has racked up hundreds of thousands of views online, concluded to thunderous applause and cheers.

“After I finished praying, that was it, I knew God was going to do his job,” said Crawford. “We had 1,000 plus people there, so I know he heard our prayer, and I got an update on the (victim) and she’s doing fine.”

But Crawford, who has taught multiple Sunday School classes and spoken at various churches, does not believe that the hype around his actions is warranted and would not call himself a hero.

“I cannot take any credit for what God is doing through me for His glory,” said Crawford. “I’m glad that the video is going crazy right now, but people are saying, ‘You’re famous.’ No, God is famous. It’s not about me at all. It’s all about God, and if God’s fame is being exalted because of what I prayed about, then I’m doing what God has called me to do, and that’s to make a difference.”

Nice work, young man.


Source: The Grio

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