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After a Decade of Retail Theft, The “Get Money Team” has been Busted!!!


The enterprise of an alleged retail crime ring has been curtailed after five  members were taken into custody Friday.
Calling themselves the “Get Money Team,” authorities say the group of women  has been identified in more than 20 reported incidents of retail theft in Marion  and surrounding counties. Police also allege that two of the women assaulted a  retail sales clerk during one heist.

“Through ongoing intelligence gathering, it was determined that this group  has been operating for approximately 10 years as an organized retail crime group  known as the ‘Get Money Team,’” said IMPD Downtown District Commander Karen  Arnette.

This group is known throughout their community as the ‘Booster,’” Arnette  said. “The group took orders and sold stolen merchandise out of their homes,  trunks of their vehicles and hair salons. They believed they could commit these  crimes with impunity.”

The group has been charged with multiple felony counts, including corrupt  business influence, criminal recklessness, theft and forgery, in relation to  alleged counterfeit $20 bills presented by two of the women.

Prosecutors said the suspects are known to many employees at retail stores all  over Marion County.  Court documents said the suspects pilfered multiple retail outlets including  Burlington Coat Factory, Rack Room Shoes, Victoria’s Secret, Buckle, Carter’s  and Sunglass Hut.

Investigators said expensive sunglasses were a favorite item for the suspects  to steal and resell.

Those charged were Francheska McGraw, Apiphany Porter, Kenya Matthews, Latoya  McGill and Veronica Perry. An additional two women remain at-large with active  warrants for their arrest.




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