African Americans In Chicago Are Offended & Disturbed By Mural With Slaves Picking Cotton At Merchandise Mart

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Chicago IL, Merchandise Mart which sits on the bend of the Chicago River and is known for its shopping, beautiful murals, Amazing Limestone Walls and outstanding Art Deco.

Recently, the mart has up’d their game by adding projected art work as a permanent nighttime riverfront feature visible all along the river walk on South Wacker Drive.

However, there is one mural that is hard to resist considering some find it very offensive to be placed in an environment that is supposed to showcase beauty, peace and tranquility.

The piece in question displays African American slaves picking cotton on a Mississippi Plantation and is strategically placed at the entrance of the merchandise mart lobby.

Many African Americans are disgusted and offended to be reminded of this image everyday they get off the train and pass through the mart where others say Americans should be reminded daily of the grave and morbid sins this country has committed among African-Americans.

There has been a recent petition to have the mural removed.  Chime in and let us know how you feel.  Is the mural offensive or is it just art?


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