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African-American Woman Snaps On CNN Correspondent Don Lemon Giving Him A Verbal Lashing!!

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An African-American woman confronts CNN Correspondent Don Lemon where she gave him a verbal tongue lashing.  The woman is angry, frustrated and tired of all the racism affecting black people in America and she let it be known.

She said, ” people called you an “UNCLE TOM” but I didn’t believe it until now. She then reiterated, “You really are an Uncle Tom”.  She then called him a Robot.

Don Lemon asked the lady, did you ever ask to speak to me before today in which she replied yes, “but you told me you didn’t want to speak to me”.  She then accused him of throwing a hissy fit.

Don then asked her why is she so angry and she said I am not the only one angry, Black America is angry, That’s the question you should ask is why is black america angry?

The woman said, I don’t know if you are aware but a race war is coming.  She said, ” the half black in you should feel it.

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Check out the video below to see the rest of her emotional plea where she destroys Don Lemon.


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