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African American Woman From Iowa Left Disfigured After A White Man Shouted Racial Slurs And Cut Her Face

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Photo Credit: Bling Radio Show

Ear Hustle 411 and its writing staff believes that #AllLivesMatter and no one should be discriminated against for any reason. We look for news and stories that deserve attention that the mass media do not share or report.

Through Facebook we learned that a fellow blogger Ms. Bling was sharing an incident that happened to her relative that lives in Iowa. Her relative was attacked by a white man after he shouted racial slurs.  Ms. Bling made it her mission to get this story out because there were no media cover of the incident.

Check out her account of the incident below:

My Cousin Shakra Simpson was attacked and no media covered this vicious crime! I’ve taken matters into my own hands! I’ve been a media personality for 10 years. This hits home for me! I posted on Thursday morning and by the end of the day we had over 1000+ likes and shares and hundreds of comments from people who were angry and seeking justice for Shakra. My facebook page was mysteriously deleted today! #JusticeForShakra

Wed. Aug 12th, Shakra was a victim of a hate crime in Clinton, Iowa. She was walking home from Riverfront Park and on the way home she ran into a white man who turned out to be her new neighbor that was verbally attacking a few others before he physically attacked her.

Her attacker Samual Cheatheam screamed racial slurs, saying “you want some of this too n*gger”. He then took a swing at her and sliced her in the face with a hunting knife. His girlfriend was the one to tell him to cut her! After cutting her he made no attempt to run or walk away. This horrific incident caused her to be hospitalized in a Clinton hospital and airlifted to another hospital in Rock Island to do reconstructive surgery on her face.

The media didn’t report anything at all! I got up at 7am and have been working non stop to assist my cousin for her to get justice. She’s not able to sleep because of the internal and external pain. Although crime happens every single day, no one deserves to encounter an attack like this! AT ALL!
We learned that he lived across the street and possibly been watching her and her family because her husband is white and they have children together.

Cheatheam is now in custody, but was not charged with the crimes he committed. His charges were willful injury with injury, which class D felony in Iowa. His bond is only 10,000! This is unacceptable! This is not enough! This is attempted murder! Intent to injure! A hate crime!  He should not walk the streets freely anytime soon because he will get out and attack someone else because he has stressed that does not like “Niggers”! Thousands of people was sharing this info before my page was deleted! I will not stop until justice is served for my cousin! #PrayersforShakra Share! Share! Share! Thanks in advance!!!!

Click the link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/justiceforshakra
I am the point of contact/spokesperson for Shakra. If you have media related inquiries, any additional information about this case or would like to help spread the word for justice email me at justiceforshakra@gmail.com or call 401-55-BLING.

Source: Bling Radio Show

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