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African-American Mother Arrested For Disciplining Her 3 Son’s For Breaking Into A House

African-American Mother Arrested For Disciplining Her 3 Son's For Breaking Into A House

The bible says spare the rod, spoil the child but the criminal justice system says, “Do not pass go, go directly to jail.  That’s what happened to a young mother named Schaquana Evita Spears in Baton Rouge Louisiana when she whipped her children as a form of discipline after she caught them breaking into a home.

Apparently she used some type of extension cord which left bruises.  Social media is not happy that this mother was arrested because had the person came home and killed her son’s these same cops would have said they were justified for killing them.

Had the cop beat them up or shot them, they would have been promoted and found not guilty so why is it this woman is being arrested for disciplining her children?  How is it the government can tell you how to raise your children?

I guess they are preparing these boys for the school to prison pipeline.

See what was reported by The Advocate:

A Baton Rouge mother who caught her three sons breaking into a residence was arrested Tuesday after she whipped them as a punishment, East Baton Rouge deputies said.

 Schaquana Evita Spears, 30, admitted she hit her three sons — aged 10, 12 and 13 — after she caught them breaking into a residence on Satinwood Drive on Friday, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. She was booked on child cruelty counts.

 Her 13-year-old son told authorities Spears struck him multiple times with an RCA cord. He had lacerations to both of his arms and marks across his leg, shoulder, back and stomach, causing some bleeding, the report says. The other two boys also showed some injuries, with the 12-year-old showing cuts on his arm and the youngest child suffering from a small scratch to the hand, according to the document.

The eldest child said he and the others were beaten after burglarizing a dwelling, the report says.

Spears, of 5470 Satinwood Drive, was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on two counts of cruelty to juveniles. Her bail was set at $2,500, according to jail records.


Source: The Advocate

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