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African-American Man Has A Breakdown In His Car About The Injustice He & Other Blacks Go Through; He Is Brought To Tears!

black man has breakdown2

An African-American man has an emotional breakdown in his car as he’s headed to work due to the injustice he has received over the years.  He is in tears as he describes how he as well as other black men and black people in general are treated by the system.

He received a phone call from his mother who was worried about him after both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile two African-American men were both brutally  murdered by cops which was caught on camera. He was visibly upset that his mother was worried and feels that she shouldn’t have to go through that.

The young man said, ” I’m tired of people saying black people don’t love black people, you don’t know what black people go through. He says,” we don’t hate ourselves, we hate the way we’re being treated.”

He states he’s been arrested so many times for doing absolutely nothing.  Check out the video and watch how he expresses himself.  His pain is real and if he feels like this can you imagine the thousands of other black men that feel the same way?

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