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African-American Family Disrepected At Hamada Of Japan In Tinley Park IL & Was Given The Midle Finger Before Being Escorted Out

frican-American Family Disrepected At Hamada Of Japan In Tinley Park IL & Was Given The Midle Finger Before Being Escorted Out

An African American family out for an evening to celebrate their nieces graduation decided to visit Hamada of Japan located in Tinley Park at 18310 N. North Creek Dr, 60477. What they thought was going to be a pleasurable evening turned out to be a nightmare.  Not only were they treated like trash but were told to their face that no one cared if they visited the restaurant again all while being given the middle finger.

See what the family had to say about their horrific evening;

Yesterday my family attempted to celebrate my niece’s graduation at Hamada of Japan in Tinley Park... Unfortunately, we had the ABSOLUTE WORST experience with the owner/manager and the waitress staff. When we arrived, we could not be seated until our entire party arrived which is customary in many establishments, so I understand this. However as soon as we were seated, we were rushed and only given a few minutes to order. After asking the waitress for additional time she informed us at 8:58 that no more orders will be taken after 9:00.

Of course we began to question this, then the waitress called the rude a$$ manager to our table. Trying to reason with the manger was a futile effort, as he wasn’t trying to hear anything we had to say. He proceeded to speak to us in a very condescending manner and ended his remarks with “I’m refusing service.” So now this is where the Turn Up begins! Not only were we furious, but we were in total disbelief that management would treat their customers this way.

As we proceeded to exit, the manager and the waitress continued to tell us they didn’t care about us leaving or ever coming back, all while smirking! One of the waitresses even had the nerve to flip the bird while standing next to the rude A$$ manager and I quickly snapped a pic! I will never be a patron of this poor establishment ever again, and I hope none of you will either! PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

Ear Hustle 411 is saddened to hear that such a reputable restaurant would treat customers in this manner.



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