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African-American Cops In Chicago Say They Are Racially Profiled By Colleagues & Fear For Their Children Too

African-American Cops In Chicago Say They Are Racially Profiled By Colleagues & Fear For Their Children Too

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A story in The Christian Science Monitor explains the fine line Black Chicago police officers walk. They are viewed with suspicion by their own community and their colleagues. According to the article by Nissa Rhee, Black cops also still worry about their children being racially profiled or shot dead by out-of-control Chicago Police Department officers.

Vanessa Westley, a 25-year-veteran of the CPD, fears her 18-year-old son could meet the same fate as Laquan McDonald, a teenager who was shot 16 times by Officer Jason Van Dyke. Van Dyke is currently facing murder charges.

“Do I have to walk the same course as any other mother who has a black son? Yes, I do,” Westley told The Monitor. “And it’s a little harder for me because I go to work in the same system that we’re concerned about.”

Rhee said that although Black people make up a quarter of the Chicago police force, they are still subject to racism from fellow officers, especially when they are off duty and in plain clothes.

Kenneth Bolton, a professor of criminal justice at Southeastern Louisiana University, talked to several Black officers for his book, Black in Blue: African-American Police Officers and Racism, and found similar complaints. According to Bolton, Black cops complained of their lockers being defaced with graffiti and colleagues making disparaging comments about their hair and taste in music.

In an article in Vox, former St. Louis Police Department officer Reddit Hudson said he received a racist email from the president of his academy class after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. “I can’t believe I live in a country full of ni**er lovers!!!!!!!!” the email said.

Hudson said that although most of the public believes cops are generally good, a significant number of them regularly abuse their authority.

“On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will do the right thing no matter what is happening. Fifteen percent of officers will abuse their authority at every opportunity. The remaining 70 percent could go either way depending on whom they are working with,” Hudson wrote.

Richard Wooten, a retired officer who served 23 years on the Chicago PD, said the department has a problem with training. He told The Monitor many of their policies are out of date and also complained that Black and white officers were disciplined differently.

“You have an African-American sergeant [Edward Howard Jr.] who slaps a kid that’s handcuffed for spitting in his face and he immediately got stripped of his powers and he got charged, convicted, and terminated all within a year’s time,” said Wooten.

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