Adelle Givens Says She Is Suing Sheryl Underwood For Defamation Of Character, Denies Allegations

Adelle Givens Says She Is Suing Sheryl Underwood For Defamation Of Character, Denies Allegations


Sheryl Underwood‘s deep, dark secret revealed on a recent episode of “The Talk” might have come back to bite her in the butt.

As a part of a week-long segment on the show, each co-host took their turns to share a shocking secret they’d never revealed in public or to each other. When it was Underwood’s turn to dish, she spoke on her alleged failed attempt at being cast in 2001’sQueens of Comedy. The stand-up comedy film, a spin-off of The Original Kings of Comedy, featured Mo’Nique, Sommore, Laura Hayes and Adele Givens.

During the planning stages, Underwood claims she was initially considered for the opportunity, but backed out of the film when she overheard three stars from the project talking about her on a conference call. She says she listened in– unbeknownst to Sommore, Hayes and Givens– as the ladies spoke negatively about her comedic talents and appearance.

Underwood explained that she quietly took notes, hung up when the call was over and later told creator/producer Walter Latham that she would be unable to go through with the film. Passing on the project, the comedienne decided against being “angry and vengeful.” Instead, she went on to work with Hayes and Givens in later years and began to improve on herself for future opportunities.

Great story, only Givens said the conference call never happened.

She’s now preparing to take legal action for defamation of character, according to Humor Mill. Givens says the story was a “blatant lie” and “the conversation never happened because we were never on a conference call together discussing Sheryl.”

Givens is also reportedly seeking legal representation against “The Talk” and CBS.

While Sommore has yet to respond to Underwood’s claims, Hayes did hop on social media after the show’s airing to say the story was “bullsh-t.”

Source: Centrictv.com

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