Actress Stacey Dash Says President Obama Hasn’t Helped African Americans At All

stacey dash

Stacey Dash is back in the news again for expressing her disapproval of the way that President Obama has guided the United States.  The Republican supporter appeared on FOX’s Hannity earlier this week, where she commented on welfare programs set into place by the Democratic Party.  Dash explained that she believes these programs have been very effective in keeping Black people suppressed and dependant on government assistance.

“It still keeps them stuck,” Dash said.  “They are getting money for free.  They feel worthless.  They are uneducated.”

She went on to specifically discredit Obama’s role as President of the United States, as not being a beneficial influence for Black people.  When asked if she thinks that the Black communities within the U.S. have improved since Obama took office, Dash replied, “no, not at all.”

Source: VLadTV

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