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Actor Michael Jai White Criticizes Bill Cosby, Martin Luther King, Jr And Other Black Men For Cheating On Their Wives


Photo Credit: Centric TV

Michael Jai White is not here for Black men cheating on their Black queens.

The Why Did I Get Married? actor went on a lengthy written tirade against people of color defending Bill Cosby, who is accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women.

“‘They’ set up Bill Cosby! Oh sure. If he never drugged anybody he’s still the most self righteous, judgmental and biggest known serial adulterer we’ve ever known without relying on our creativity and analogy to paint him differently,” White wrote on Facebook.

He went on to criticize the Black community for turning a blind eye to countless unfaithful prominent Black men over the years, including Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I’m a black man who’s disturbed by the fact that we can have infidelity in our lives and it NOT BE A BIG DEAL! It’s like society is saying being faithful is above black men and below whites. MLK, Jessie Jackson, Cosby… the list goes on,” he wrote.

“Cosby stopped being a hero to me as soon as I learned he was living a lie as a faithful man, period.”

The actor added that if Cosby defenders can praise him for his contributions, they should also be able to hold him accountable for his transgressions.

“I think if you can give praise when praise is due, you can give shame when shame is due and no one is above or below either,” White said.

Read his full post below:

I open Facebook and I see the “What’s On Your Mind” question and I immediately say ” Oh, Hell No!” I don’t think I want…

Posted by Michael Jai White on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Source: Centic TV

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