Actor Anthony Anderson’s Mom Embarrasses Him On Celebrity Family Feud

Actor Anthony Anderson's Mom Embarrasses Him On Celebrity Family Feud

After asking The Anderson family to “name something a nude magician might pull a rabbit out of,” survey says Steve Harvey probably knew he was in for some off-the-wall answers in this recent episode of Celebrity Feud.

What he didn’t know was he’d need to take a minute after Blackishstar Anthony Anderson’s mother would answer with “His Nuts.”

“He new…He new..He Naked!” She yelled after the entire audience erupted in disbelief and laughter.  For a brief second Anthony could do nothing but cover his face in embarrassment before saying“Mamma it’s a family show.”  But that didn’t stop her from pleading her case, even when her son asked her to use a little common sense she replied, “It is… He Naked!”

It can be funny that when you’re a kid you almost always ‘want your mamma,’ especially in a time of need or if something is wrong. Then as you hit those teenage years of adolescence you tend to want to push her away. On this day, as an adult, Anthony might have been relating to Danny Devito, who once played Owen in Throw Mamma From The Train.

The hit television show Family Feud has always been home to a good time full of laughs, especially with the addition of host Steve Harvey. The King of comedy took over and delivered what had to have been one of the strangest questions and got an even stranger answer. Family Feud fans had to expect some hilarious questions and answers with this Celebrity Edition, starting off with a bang the shows première did not disappoint.



Source: Laughoutloud

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