Activist PFK Boom Tells Popular Pastor Jamal Bryant To Get Out Of Baltimore

Activist PFK Boom Tells Popular Pastor Jamal Bryant To Get Out Of Baltimore

Last night, the 148th West Wednesday—an indefatigable weekly event put together by the family of Tyrone West, who died in police custody in 2013—took place at the Tubman House, a vacant house slated for demolition near the spot where Freddie Gray was arrested which the group Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle have illegally occupied and turned into a community center. In effect, last night’s event was a gathering of many of the city’s most effective and consistent grassroots activists.

Also present at this West Wednesday was Pastor Jamal Bryant, of the People’s Empowerment Temple, who arrived and Periscoped some the event (which he labelled “community outrage rally”) who is in many ways, the opposite of a grassroots activist. Eventually, Bryant, a very loud national voice when it comes to Baltimore and police brutality but someone who is often met with plenty of skepticism from those here on the ground, like the West family and LBS, was confronted by activist PFK Boom and others connected to Baltimore Bloc, including MC Shy Lady Heroin.

PFK Boom, a persistent presence at protests and other activist events and a member of Out For Justiceand 300 Gangstas, quite loudly and unabashedly told Bryant what many have murmured about the pastor since the first days of the uprising: That as far as a lot of people are concerned, he is not really welcome here and his methods ring insincere (though PFK doesn’t say it quite like that).


Watch the clip below:


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