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Abrupt Closing Of Cheddar’s Restaurant In Alabama; Employees Caught Off Guard Now Unemployed

Business closings are not uncommon but right before the holidays are just getting underway is hard enough especially on those who have added responsibilities like, children, school tuition.  Cheddar’s in Mobile, Alabama made the decision to close its doors unbeknownst to the employees, who came to work only to be met with locked doors.  A shock considering the restaurant was only opened a short 3 years ago.  Wonder what the Cheddar’s corporate office has to say about this abrupt departure from the community.

Read more as reported by Local 15 News:


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A restaurant that opened its doors in Mobile three years ago has abruptly closed.

Cheddar’s on Airport Boulevard posted the signs Monday morning, to the surprise of all employees.

Employees tell Local 15 News everything seemed normal Sunday night at work, but Monday morning they got an email from corporate saying that effective immediately, Cheddar’s is ceasing its operations at the Mobile location.

Tina Austin was one of many hungry lunch goers on Monday shocked to be greeted with locked doors and a sign that read “Cheddar’s doors are closing, but we appreciate your support through the years.”

“I thought they did good business! They had good food and everything. I really want to know what was the reason,” said Austin.

Mia Petrie is curious too. After all, she worked at Cheddar’s and found out she was newly unemployed by email, as she was getting ready for her shift Monday morning. Other employees said they found out when they showed up for work and the doors were locked.

“They just said effective immediately we’re not open anymore. No explanation, nothing. I think it is really disrespectful to not give us a heads up,” said Petrie, who is a sophomore at the University of South Alabama. Now she’s worried about how to pay the bills moving forward.

“I’m not even the biggest one affected. So many people that work there are single parents and right before Christmas they’re like, how am I going to give my kid a Christmas? It’s just sad,” said Petrie.

Local 15 News reached out to corporate for answers on why the business closed abruptly and why employees weren’t given notice in advance.

They didn’t answer our questions specifically, but sent us this statement:

“As Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen grows as a brand, we continue to make strategic decisions about where to open new restaurants and which ones to close. After great consideration, we made the business decision to close our Mobile restaurant on Nov. 16.  We genuinely thank our guests and team for their support over the past three years. We hope they will have the opportunity to visit us again at one of our other 160+ locations throughout the nation.”

– David Reckner, Regional Vice President of Operations at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Source: Local 15 News 

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