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A Woman Forces Hallmark To Remove Their Happy Father’s Day Mom Cards

fed up mother

Should single mothers be given Father’s Day cards? Some say “yes,” given that mothers do so much for their children. Others, however, feel that the need to be celebrated on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day implies a type of narcissism that is shameful and disrespectful to the opposite gender.

In this video, I (Dr. Boyce Watkins) speak with a mother who wouldn’t have it. I enjoyed the conversation because it fits quite well within the context of those who are fighting for the rights of fathers to be respected as a relevant and necessary part of the household. The same way it is problematic for men to use women for their body parts, it is equally problematic when we see men as a financial and sexual accessory that becomes merely an optional component in the child-rearing process.


Source: Financial Juneteenth

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