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A Seemingly Drunk White Woman Goes On Crazy Racist Rant At African-American Teen Women Calling Them Black B*tches And Says “Go Back To Africa” [Video]

A video of a scantily clad Florida woman shouting racist insults is going viral. The woman, who remains unidentified as of this writing, is seen screaming at African American teenagers to “go back to Africa” and while making sexually pervasive comments about iconic black civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

uknown white woman

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot

The still-unnamed woman was recorded back in March, according to the Express. The woman drunkenly staggered in a public parking lot wearing only a skimpy bikini while smoking a cigarette, cursing and hurling racial slurs at the black teens while her horrified children tried to stop her.

She called the teens “black b*tches” multiple times.

“You all should have stayed in Africa. And you can go back there, it’s free. You know you can go back to Africa, if you want to. And you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names,” the woman said in the video.

The young teen recording the confrontation tries to warn her that she is being recorded, advising her “Don’t say nothing else.” This seems to only provoke the woman, who then stumbled forward, jabbing a cigarette towards her face.

“We’re going to take over these neighborhoods,” The woman drunkenly boasted, before declaring, “Martin Luther was a slut who was f*cking white people. Martin Luther was f*cking white people the day he died!”

The woman’s apparently humiliated child can be spotted in the background calling for help on her cell phone, until she finally grabs her mother and begs her “Can you stop? Can you just stop, please?”

As one of the teenagers put it: “It’s ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop.”

The video can be viewed in its entirety here, courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Source: US Uncut

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