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A Party And 13 Flavors Of Pot Guests Receive At Couples Wedding Reception

EarHustle411 loves a good gathering but this event was a bit interesting. A couple wanted to give their wedding guests the “highest” experience ever by offering them food, drinks and a “pot bar”. Welp, we say whatever floats your boat.

Read more as reported by WGN TV

Guests attending John Elledge and Whitney Alexander’s August 8 wedding were surprised to find a familiar, pungent aroma coming from one of the tents—marijuana. The happy couple had set up a smoke tent with an open bar and 13 different strains of marijuana for guests to sample with the help of a budtender, according to reports.

Guests were thrilled. According to Elledge, “The oldest person in the tent was an 81-year-old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the ‘60s. She loved it.



Perhaps the wedding treat wasn’t that surprising given that Elledge works by day as a professional marijuana grower in California.

Source: WGN TV

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