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A NYPD Commanding Officer Caught On Tape Telling Another NYPD Officer To Racially Profile Black Men

It’s a shame that we are still discussing the ridiculousness going on in police departments across the United States and unfortunately not enough of the “hired help” are doing what this NYPD police officer in the following post did.  He may suffer some backlash for what he’d done but at this point it seems like he really didn’t care because what his superior officer was informing him to do was wrong .

A NYPD officer voice recorded his Commanding Officer telling him that what he was basically not doing enough to get minority arrests specifically black men.  This brave officer turned in the recording.  It’s disturbing but not surprising that an officer in command would suggest racial profiling just to get arrests.   There are countless departments that do this very same thing they just haven’t been exposed and it will take officers like this one to bring that disturbing behavior to light and those commanding officers need to be reprimanded or removed from command because they apparently are not true commanding material.

Read more as reported by ATL Night Spots:


photo credit: Atl Night Spots

Commanding Officer: Who commits the crimes in the city?
Birch: Who commits the crimes? Well, it’s mostly teenagers, anywhere between the ages of 15 and 19, mostly male blacks and Hispanics.OK. Who are you stopping?Everybody. I stop everybody.Fifty-four TABs up to 8/20. Twenty-five of those are female. Half.Like I said, I stop everybody. I’m not targeting anybody.You just told me who the bad guys are.Yeah, I know that. But there’s also other people who are committing violations as well. I’m not saying that there’s not violations being made.

The male blacks, that you told me commit the crimes—

Plenty of people that I write summonses to are male blacks and male Hispanics.

You stopped two male blacks.

Not for the whole year. You’re telling me for the whole year I only stopped two male blacks on summonses?

8/20. From January 1st to August 20th. Fifty-four TABs: two male blacks, seven Hispanics, seven other, ten white, three Asian. So where are you targeting the perps that you just told me?

Like I said, if I don’t see a perp jumping over the turnstile, what am I supposed to do to him?

These people are not going to pop.

How do I know that? A female Hispanic that I stopped in Sheepshead Bay did pop, actually, for a warrant, and I arrested her. Female Hispanic. The Hispanics that we’re supposed to be going after. That are committing the crimes. The people that I—

Did you think that she was going to pop?

Did I think she was going to pop? I didn’t put no thought into it. If you come up for a collar, I’m taking you in.

Here’s what I see. You just described to me who’s committing the crimes. You’re fully aware of it. But you’re not targeting those people.

I am. I’m targeting everybody.

Two male blacks.

Whoever is out there. If I—

So you only saw two male blacks jump the turnstile?

If you’re saying that’s what’s in front of you, then yes, that’s all I saw, is two male blacks for the whole year jumping the turnstile. If you’re saying that’s what’s in front of you, I’m not disputing that. If that’s what I got there.

That is what you have. That is not disputed here.

I’m saying, we’re also talking Hispanics as well. I stopped a lot of Hispanics, too.

Seven male Hispanics. But more than half are female.

And like I said, everybody’s committing violations in front of me.

Source: ATL Night Spots

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