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A Must Read: The Negro Question Part 4, “The Missing Link”

A Must Read:  The Negro Question Part 4, "The Missing Link"

This book is about the three black Kingdoms of Ireland, Britain and Scotland who were sold into the North Atlantic slave trade.  You have been provided with the original images of the Scottish King James, King Charles 1st and King Charles the 2nd.

You have also been provided with images of the black Irish children who were sold into the slave trade.  This book contains the testimony of Benjamin Franklin as he describes the black French, Spanish, Germans, Russians, Swedes and Italians in 1751.

There is eyewitness accounts from Benjamin Franklin, Professor Boyd Dawkins and Dr. Albert Churchward.  what does this book prove? It proves that the Old World Order according to Benjamin Franklin was black, this book is also the missing link between the two sciences; History and Genetics.

Once you start reading you will not want to stop!!!


Source:  Author Lee Cummings


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|The Negro Question Part 4 The Missing Link|


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