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A Mother Is Outraged At The Racist Paraphernalia Distributed At Her Daughter’s School And She Wants Something Done About It

Blatant racism has become as rampant as the violence happening across the country.  Never in our lifetimes would we find that these things are just becoming the “norm” and therefore are being put off as if nothing is wrong. EarHustle411 came across a post by a mother whose daughter was subjected to blatant racism at her school.  The pictures of the racist propaganda is enough to make your stomach turn.  It seems like since the closet racist have made it a point to come out of the closet and make themselves known and unfortunately they are in the appearance of our children.

This is not a born behavior, it’s clearly one that it taught.  We hope this mother gets justice and the people responsible for distributing this disgusting paraphernalia are expelled from school.  Truthfully speaking they should be charged with a hate crime.  The school board should be held accountable as well for not doing their job in protecting the children of color and ensuring that they felt safe.  EarHustle411 will keep you posted on any updates on this story.

Take a look at the posted on Facebook by Lori-Ann Bennett Lucas:

Source: Facebook

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