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A Live News Report About Violence In New Orleans Nearly Turns Deadly After A Fight Breaks Out During Taping, One Man Was Packed With A Gun [Video]

fight in new orleans 3 edit

During a live news taping about the violence that occurs daily in New Orleans, A news reporter was discussing why so much violence was taking place.  As he talked to a few young men sitting on a porch, another young man off to the side of the camera abruptly starts to snap.

You can hear the guy going off on the news reporter calling him a white boy and telling him never come in my neighborhood disrespecting and hiding behind the camera.  Another man tells him that he could have waited until after the interview to voice his concerns and the rowdy young man continued with an enormous amount of vile language.

He started to threaten the camera man telling him to move the fu@%en camera out the way.  All this happened while a little boy no more than 4-years old observed.

As the news reporters started packing up, one of the guys named Easy Money attempted to confront the guy and it immediately went violent.  Two guys started fighting and one of the men had a gun in his pants which was taken from him by the guy who was beating him up.

The guy disarmed him so that he wouldn’t shoot anyone.  The news reporter asked the guy who got beat up was he o.k which he replied,” I’m alright, I ain’t going nowhere.


Check out the video below.


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