A Hawk’s Slithering Capture Is To Blame For A 40-Acre Brush Fire In Montana

A hawk had been apparently flying around doing what it do best, hunting for its next meal.  Well in Montana one hawk did just that’s and more. The hungry feathered creature swooped down and actually captured a slithering rattlesnake that would be  his final meal.

Read more as reported by Fox News and find out what happened to both the snake and the hungry hawk:

Photo Credit: Fox News

Investigators discovered that a fast-moving brush fire in Montana was triggered in an unusual way: by a hawk trying to grab a snake for dinner.

Fire crews said that after the hawk flew down to grab a snake, the reptile wiggled while in its clutches and its tail hit a power line.

A jolt of electricity shot through the two animals, killing them and triggering a spark that caused the fire.

The grass fire burned about 40 acres, the Black Eagle Volunteer Fire Department said.

Source: Fox News

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