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A Grandfather’s Heroic Measure Prevented 3 Hoodlums From Raping His 19-Year Old Granddaughter


It’s the typical heartwarming tale of how love conquers all… even three badass criminals with guns.

An elderly man is receiving widespread praise and acknowledgement for his incredibly brave actions when three men broke into his house mid-April.

The three men (pictured) busted into the Lumberton, North Carolina home dressed in all black clothing and ski masks, holding the old man at gunpoint and ordering him to open his safe.

If they hadn’t been so greedy, perhaps they would have gotten away with it.

But instead, the three robbers decided they wanted to rape his 19-year-old granddaughter right before his very eyes, and this was obviously a step too far because the grandfather lunged at one of the men, managed to overpower him, then took his gun and shot the three criminals.

One of them died at the scene and the other two are severely injured.

During the struggle, the old man also got shot and was airlifted to a nearby hospital once the police arrived. He is now in critical condition and people everywhere are sending their love and well wishes.

“He is out of surgery but is still critical in ICU,” a relative told the media. “Thanks everyone for all your prayers, just keep them coming. But the intruders have been caught.”

American law states that if someone trespasses on private property and is armed, the owner of that property is within their rights to open fire if they feel that they are in danger (this varies slightly from state to state, but generally in this case the law is on the elderly man’s side).

What do you think of this man’s heroic actions?

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