A Gas Price War Between Gas Stations Made Brookfield, IL The Most Popular Place For Customer Appreciation Day

Business often do crazy things to get customers into their establishments.  On Saturday, July 15th, two gas stations had a good time “warring” against each other for their customers.  Both stations decided to lower their gas prices significantly and let the games begin.  With prices at both stations lowered to $0.71 cents any one passing by would be crazy not to take advantage of the prices.

Now that’s how you show your appreciation to the customer!!

Read more as reported by ABC7 Chicago:

Photo Credit: ABC7 Chicago

A good ol’ fashioned gas price war on Saturday drew lines of vehicles in west suburban Brookfield at two competing stations.

The owners of both the Shell and Clark stations at 31st and Maple said they would keep it going until their supplies were gone. By 10:30 p.m., both stations were closed and the price of gas was posted as $2.49.

However, earlier in the day, the Shell station cut its prices to 78 cents per gallon as part of a customer appreciation day special.

The Clark station across the street decided to get into the fun and lowered their prices.

At one point, both stations were at 70 cents.

One gas station owner said that he was low on gas and would not continue the promotion on Sunday. The other owner said he is ready to continue the war.

Source: ABC7 Chicago

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