A Drunk United Flight Attendant Tell’s Passengers “If Your Seat-belt Isn’t Tight, You’re Gonna Be F^*%ed Up”

According to NY Daily News, Passenger Erika Gorman tweeted about the whole incident, and said that the flight attendant was so turnt during the flight, she had to go report her behavior to the pilot herself!

Gorman claims the flight attendant was drunk, she tweeted: “Drunk and disorderly—belligerent flight attendant. Boarding announcements were ‘if your seatbelt isn’t tight, you f^*%ed up.”

United has since apologized for the embarrassing situation and said in a statement that they were “aware of a concerning incident involving a flight attendant. As a gesture of goodwill, we have compensated all customers aboard the flight and we apologize for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused.”

“The safety of our customers and crew aboard all United and Trans States flights is a top priotity.”



Source: The Shade Room

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