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A Cleveland Ohio Family’s Home Is Overrun By Roaches But They’re Not Too Optimistic Their Problem Will Be Erradicated After Their Housing Authority Finally Exterminates

A Cleveland family is less than optimistic their roach infestation will be eradicated now that their housing authority has stepped up their extermination techniques to rid their apartment of roaches.  The housing authority according to reports claim they’ve been exterminating on a regular basis but their efforts are not as working.

Read more about the situation as reported by Cleveland.com:

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The Korper family spends three days working as a team to prepare for the exterminator.

Princeton, who has just turned 13, and his three younger siblings, first tackle their bedrooms, placing their clothes into plastic bags to protect them from the forthcoming spraying.

They keep their clothes stacked high in their small closets to keep them away from cockroaches, which have been tormenting them for many months, scurrying across their bodies as they sleep and marching across countertops, floors and walls. They hide in cupboards, electrical sockets and in the refrigerator.

When Princeton pulls down his prized possessions – a stack of Cleveland Cavaliers ball caps commemorating the team’s recent success, he is crushed to find that the creepy crawlers have been in his caps and left their droppings behind. Even so, he isn’t ready to let go of his lids. But his mother, Contessa, can’t stand the thought of him ever again wearing them, so she orders him to toss them out.

The kids and their mother also clear the cupboards, balancing their canned goods, dishes and other items on the kitchen table. They move the furniture from the walls and clear the medicine cabinets as their landlord – the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority – instructed them to do. CMHA recently notified them and some other residents in the King Kennedy housing project that it is stepping up efforts to combat the cockroach infestation.

CMHA had been spraying occasionally, but as an installment of cleveland.com’s A Greater Cleveland project documented last month, the treatments have been ineffective, even in the Korpers’ meticulously cleaned five-bedroom apartment.

The Korpers’ unit will be sprayed every two weeks or so, according to a letter the family received from CMHA. A second letter, sent earlier this month, says that the pest control company, Terminix, and a representative from CMHA management, will be inspecting the units to evaluate the progress. They have also collaborated with pest control kansas city to go about their inspection and evaluation for a more holistic approach to the process. You could contact a Charleston based pest exterminator to get rid of pests.

Two reporters recently visited the Korpers, after CMHA began spraying anew, and spotted cockroaches around the sink, including one on top of the microwave after Princeton reheated some chicken wings. But the cockroaches appeared less active compared to our previous visits.

CMHA spokeswoman Cortney Crockett said the housing authority is updating its pest control procedures and you can see it here. They will work with Rise Pest Control Des Moines to “address their pest management concerns in a prompt and efficient manner.” Contessa says she is not optimistic that the cockroaches will leave her alone. But she consoles herself by talking about her efforts to move her family into a home of their own. Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland, which places low-income families in rehabilitated homes, recently accepted the Korpers into its program.

Leaving can’t come soon enough, Contessa says, before recounting the horror of recently seeing cockroaches tumble out of a new box of Coco-Puffs cereal that 6-year-old Princess was pouring into a bowl.

Contessa, groaning and laughing at the same time, says, “She asked if she could save the cereal.”

Source: Cleveland.com

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